C9 Gelato: Italian-made Ice Cream

C9 Gelato: A Symphony of Flavors in Every Scoop

Indulge in the extraordinary at C9 Gelato, where our delectable gelato is made in-house, using only the finest ingredients. With more than 30 tantalizing flavors available, each scoop is a journey into a world of pure, creamy delight. Whether you’re after classic favorites or looking to try innovative, seasonal creations, our wide selection offers a sweet adventure with every bite.

Join us for a taste of pure, frozen bliss, meticulously prepared to meet your desires for quality and flavor.

C9 Gelato in house made

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C9 Gelato Flavours
The one-stop shop to satisfy your dessert cravings

100% Natural Ingredients

We offer the most exquisite flavours in town for those who adore diving into decadent and delicious gelato.

Select from more than 40 flavors, crafted exclusively by our elite gelato specialists from Sardegna, Italy. They’ve tirelessly refined our offerings to deliver the creamiest treats in Australia.

But wait, there’s even more!

In addition to our classic selections, we offer Vegan Gelato, Gluten-Free ice cream, and Dairy-Free options. Don’t forget about our add-ons and cones, which you can pair with your favorite flavor for the perfect treat. Enjoy it solo or share the joy with someone special.

We’re dedicated to providing the ultimate taste experience, serving up recipes meticulously refined by our expert in-house gelato chefs over the years. Dive into our top in-house gelato flavors:

Over 40 Unique Gelato Flavours

C9 boasts an extensive array of flavours, offering a wide selection of gelato options for everyone!

Our Italian chefs whip up more than 40 delectable gelato flavours, each as rich and satisfying as the next. With their extensive experience, the C9 chefs masterfully craft the creamiest gelatos and desserts. They perfectly balance sugar and milk to achieve the ideal flavour profile. That’s why our gelato tastes just like the ones you’d find on the streets of Italy.

These tempting desserts are sure to fulfil your craving for something sweet and have you returning for more. We’re always refining our flavours to ensure you receive the creamiest treats right here in Australia. Our chefs are expertly trained and skilled in creating desserts and ice creams that are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Gluten Free & Vegan Gelatos

Beyond our 40 delightful flavours, we also offer Vegan Gelato, Dairy-Free Gelato, and Gluten-Free Gelato options. Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy it on a cone – a universal treat loved across all ages. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, there’s no greater joy than savouring one of our gelato ice cream cones. Relish it by yourself or share the happiness with someone special.

Our goal is to make you fall head over heels for our gelato and desserts, striving to maximise customer satisfaction without ever compromising on taste, experience, or service. Our Italian chefs craft each batch exclusively using our own refined recipes to ensure the perfect in-house gelato. They meticulously follow every step of our recipes to create desserts that are sure to win your heart.

After just one taste of our exquisite offerings, you’ll find yourself coming back for more. No matter the resistance, the allure of our broad range of desserts is simply irresistible.

Dairy Free Options

Experience pure indulgence with our dairy-free sorbet, a luscious frozen treat that perfectly blends the joys of Vegan Gelato and the inclusivity of Gluten-Free Gelato. Crafted from the finest ripe fruits and natural ingredients, our sorbet is a symphony of vibrant flavors that burst with every spoonful.

Silky-smooth and refreshingly light, it offers the ideal choice for those seeking a dairy-free delight that doesn’t compromise on taste. Embrace a world of fruity goodness with our Vegan Gelato and Gluten-Free Gelato options, savouring the sweetness of life without a trace of dairy. Dive into this delight and savor the pure, unadulterated joy of dairy-free indulgence.