Gelato Cake: Pure Ice cream Goodness

Celebrate Life's Precious Moments With Our Gelato Cakes

Celebrate life’s special moments or simply enjoy time with loved ones with our Gelato Cake, a unique blend of rich cake and homemade, fresh gelato. This lovingly crafted creation, including vegan options, is a symphony of flavors and textures designed to make your celebrations unforgettable. Let our Gelato Cake, with its vegan variety, be the highlight of your joyous events, adding an extra layer of delight to every occasion.

House-made Gelato Cakes

Our in-house made gelato cakes stand unparalleled in their extraordinary taste and presentation!

A sweet treat is essential to mark your special day, and our renowned gelato cakes are perfect for filling that sweet spot. Designed to delight both you and your guests, these cakes come in a wide variety of flavors, ensuring your special occasion becomes even more unforgettable.

Suitable for any event, be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or parties for up to 30 guests, our gelato cakes promise an instant hit. With just one slice, your guests are bound to fall in love with the rich flavors and exquisite craftsmanship.

The charm of our gelato cakes lies in their bespoke creation by our skilled pastry chefs, who craft each one from scratch using only fresh ingredients.

Coated in two luxurious layers of rich C9 gelato, each cake sits atop a soft sponge base, offering a divine combination of textures and flavours. With 40 gelato options and a variety of toppings to choose from, you’re invited to customise your cake to perfection.

Given the handmade nature of our cakes, slight variations in the final product are a testament to their individuality, with no compromise on taste. We promise our clients a gelato cake that truly justifies their investment, delivering unmatched quality and delight.

Options and Lead Time

  • Choose from single or dual flavour options
  • Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for pre-orders

Crafted by our Italian chefs using premium ingredients and following our signature recipes, our gelato cakes are unmatched in taste. Mirroring the expertise of seasoned Italian pastry chefs, our cakes promise an authentic taste experience. Rest assured, choosing our gelato cakes will elevate your event, making it all the more memorable.

Customisation options

Should you desire a decorated cake, our C9 team is at your service.

Select your preferred decorations and let us tailor your cake to match your party’s theme perfectly.

With a variety of adornments like fruits, chocolates, and cookies available, you have the freedom to personalise your cake to your taste. Below, we’ve provided some reference cakes to inspire your customisation.

Please note: For customised gelato cake orders, we kindly request placing your order at least two days prior to your event.

This lead time is essential for us to craft your custom gelato cake with the care it deserves. Upon receiving your cake, immediately store it in a freezer or refrigerator to maintain its creamy texture.

Chilled cakes are not only easier to serve but also ensure the best taste experience.

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