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Why C9?
C9 supports you in tough times. We give:

A high return on investments

You will not get a greater profit margin anywhere (Franchise) else. The money you invest with us will return to you in months. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy scrumptious desserts? So, your franchise will bring you tons of business regardless of how big or small your shop size is.  

When you run any franchise business, the success of the business will be depending on how you manage the business and risks. The C9 gelato franchise business model is a bit different, we try to minimize the risks with a mature process and structure, and put the light on all the aspects of the business so you can make the best decision based on your situation.  

Highest quality products at the lowest cost are supplied from C9


When you opt for our franchise, we deliver most of the products to you. There is no middleman or third-party involvement, which minimizes the cost of running a franchise. All the gelatos bases are made and manufactured at C9 gelato factories in Sydney or Melbourne and we are not using outsourced gelato bases. This is the main key that makes the C9 Franchise different from other franchise models.

Low staff needed

You don’t need to allocate a huge portion of your income for employee wages because everything is managed by the system. At the C9 franchise model, you absolutely do not need any expert or experienced staff.

 Furthermore, in our franchise model, the number of staff in each shift is very efficient. You won’t need external assistance for your franchise.

2014 - 2019
2022 - 2023

Location friendly

The best part about purchasing our franchise is that you can open it in any place. There are no geographical or demographical restrictions. C9 gelato and desserts can be sold in any location. Your franchise will become the talk of the town in no time.

Stress-free operation

Running our franchise is the easiest part. The operation is simple and runs smoothly under proper supervision. Your friendly franchise account manager will be always next to you, furthermore, you have always extra support for reviewing the shop’s operation and performance.


How to become a franchise owner with C9?
  • To get a franchise for our gelato and dessert shop, you have to start by registering yourself.
  • After you register, our experts at C9 contact you and explain our process for obtaining a franchise.
  • A meeting is scheduled between you and the team at C9 to understand your vision regarding the gelato franchise you wish to obtain.
  • You will be given an information request form along with a self-assessment form to fill out. It helps the team understand your commitment to expanding your dessert shop.
  • You receive your due diligence pack, which has all your financial information, contact lists, etc. With this step, you come closer to your dream of owning a C9 franchise.
  • Afterwards, you give us your confirmation on joining the C9 family.
  • You get an offer from us for a franchise.
  • Once you accept the offer, you become the official franchise partner. You are now part of the C9 family, you can start selling desserts and gelatos.
What do I need to invest in a C9 gelato franchise?

The investment depends on your location, store size, and the design you want for your store. The main investment for the C9 gelato franchise is on the equipment (asset) and shop. If you need any more details, contact our representatives. They will give you all the insights about owning and running a C9 franchise.

Can C9 help me with Finance?

C9 will able to assist you by putting you in touch with preferred lending brokers who fully understand our business and have assisted many of our current franchisees.

What sort of support do I receive ?

What sort of support do I receive ?

The C9 HQ team will be with you from the start to the end of the journey and after your store opens.

The gelato chef. barista trainer, and all C9 training team will get work with you to make sure your store is always on top of everything

The Operations and Training team will support you in aligning with C9 process, staff hiring, staff training

The Marketing team will assist you with all aspects of marketing your franchise from local store requirements through to digital marketing.

How can the C9 gelato franchise assist me in managing finances?

We get you in touch with brokers and analysts who understand the nature of our business. Having relevant experience, they will help you in the finance zone for your franchise. We are well aware that opening a franchise is as difficult as running one. So our gelato makers and every other member provide ample help to you.

Do I receive any support upon purchasing a C9 franchise?

Our team provides endless support to every franchise owner. From setting up a store to the day it opens, we assist you in every step. We send our gelato chef, barista trainer, and all trained staff to your store to make sure it functions smoothly. Making gelatos and desserts isn’t a skill you acquire in one day. So we put the best people at work. They make sure your franchise runs smoothly. Moreover, the Operation and Training team will be in constant contact with you. Even our Marketing team will help you in various aspects to make your franchise fully functional.

If you are ready to dive into the world of C9, contact us today.

How much does a C9 cost me?

This is dependent on location and size of the store.

The approximate cost of the starting a C9 shop -including everything- would be around $350k-$450k

You might also be able to obtain the financial supports by the third parties, who may have approved the C9 concept. C9 will provide you full support if you need any documentation for your financials.


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