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Have a few questions about what goes into our gelato-making process?

Well, don’t worry. We are completely transparent and honest with our clients. We will take you through the entire process of making gelato and show you how our experts work hard to give you your favorite gelato.
Like every other item on our menu, we make our gelatos using quality ingredients. Any gelato lover is welcome to see how our experts skillfully create the perfect gelato for them.
At C9, we opt for our traditional family gelato recipe and blend it with modern flavors. The minute you take a bite, your taste buds experience a wonderful sensation. Each one of our branches has up-to-date machinery to make large batches of tasty gelato.
Most importantly we make sure that our in-house gelato has less than 50% of air. That is the secret behind our creamy gelato.
We mainly take three ingredients, sugar, milk, and cream. These basic goods are combined for hours to extract all the rich flavors.
Throughout the process, we ensure that the conditions are suitable and
proper hygiene is maintained. You can visit our place and see the entire process. All our customers are welcome to be a part of our gelato-making process. After all, you will be buying our Gelato goods, so you have every right to see how they are created.
The following videos will give you an idea of how three simple ingredients can make more than 40 flavorful gelatos.

Nothing can compare to our extraordinary

Nothing can compare to our extraordinary in-house made gelato cakes! Your special day is incomplete without something sweet. 

Well, you can fill the gap by ordering our famous gelato cakes. These cakes will be a delight for you and your guests. 

We offer a wide variety of flavors in our gelato cakes to make your special occasion more memorable. 

You can order our gelato cake for any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or parties hosting up to 30 people. 

The minute your guests have a slice of our delicious cakes, they will fall in love with it.

The specialty of our gelato cakes

The specialty of our gelato cakes is that our pastry chefs prepare them from scratch. Everything is handmade, and that too with fresh ingredients. 

The sponge cake is covered in two layers of rich C9 gelato. You get to choose from 40 options along with the toppings. 

The soft sponge with the flavorful gelato is a match made in heaven.

 Since we prepare every detail ourselves, the final product may slightly vary, but there will be no compromise on the taste. We guarantee our clients a gelato cake worth their investment.

Our cronut recipe is a unique creation of our talented chefs, but the inspiration behind is the master chef Dominque Ansel.

Following his footsteps, our chefs created a version of donuts and cronuts that have become popular in the entire region.

Our Italian chefs use quality ingredients and follow our recipe

Our Italian chefs use quality ingredients and follow our recipe. You won’t find tastier gelato cakes anywhere in town. The best part, the taste is similar to those cakes made by expert Italian chefs. You can be confident that our cakes will make your event even more special. If you wish to have your cake decorated, our team at C9 can do it for you. You can choose your favorite decorations and have your cake customized according to your party’s theme. We have options for fruits, chocolates, and even cookies. So customize your cake as per your requirements. Here we have some reference cakes for you. Note: If you wish to order a customized gelato cake, kindly do it two days before the event. It is the minimum time required for the preparation of custom gelato cakes. Furthermore, the minute you receive your cake, place it in a freezer or fridge to preserve its creamy texture. Refrigerated cakes are easy to serve and taste best.

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