C9 Chocolate and Gelato

Your Gateway to Chocolicious Gelato Heaven

C9 Chocolate and Gelato is your go-to destination for premium quality, house-made gelato, chocolate desserts, and an array of sweet treats. For those moments when you’re seized by a craving for something sweet or in search of the perfect dessert, the C9 dessert bar awaits to dazzle your taste buds.

Each of our offerings, from the creamy gelato ice cream to the indulgent cronut, is crafted fresh with the finest ingredients sourced from the market, ensuring an experience that’s simply irresistible. For us, crafting desserts is not just a business; it’s our first love and our greatest passion. Our dedication is evident in the unique flavors and textures of our gelato cakes, croffles, donuts, and more, each designed to delight and satisfy your cravings.

At C9, we strive to stand out not only by meeting but exceeding your expectations, aiming to be recognized as the best gelato and dessert shop in Australia. We refuse to compromise on either quality or quantity, making our ice creams, gelatos, and other desserts truly worth indulging in.

Whether you’re exploring the rich blend of chocolate and gelato, treating yourself to a gelato cake, or enjoying a freshly made croffle, C9 guarantees a memorable dessert experience. Visit our gelato shop  to see where the magic happens, and discover why our clients rave about our latest desserts.

C9 Handcrafted Gelato & Desserts

Why Our Gelato & Chocolate Desserts
stand above the rest

Discover the unique blend of chocolate and gelato at C9, where our extensive range of gelato and superior chocolate desserts set us apart. At C9 Chocolate and Gelato, we’re committed to delivering the finest gelato and desserts, a promise we fulfill with our exceptional customer service. Experience the pinnacle of dining at our dessert bar, where every visit becomes a memorable journey of taste.

Indulge in the authenticity of our gelato and ice cream desserts, crafted with passion by our Italian gelato maker, boasting 20 years of culinary excellence. This expertise ensures that our gelato ice cream is unmatched in flavor, making C9 your premier destination for the best gelato experience.

Our skilled chefs and gelato makers, with their profound experience, emulate the revered techniques of Italian gelato artisans to achieve 100% satisfaction. From the initial selection of ingredients to the exquisite final presentation, our desserts, including gelato cakes and classic ice creams, are a testament to our dedication to perfection. You’ll find each flavor perfectly balanced, never too sweet, ensuring a delightful treat for your soul.

At C9, we understand the fine line between too sweet and just right. Our gelato factory is renowned for creating gelato and desserts with the ideal sweetness level, offering an unparalleled taste experience. Our dessert makers consistently follow tried and true recipes to craft classic treats, including donuts, croffles, and cronuts, ensuring that every bite is a journey to culinary bliss.

Step into our gelato shop, and let yourself be taken by the array of choices from gelato ice cream to chocolate desserts. Whether you’re craving a gelato cake or the innovative textures of a croffle or cronut, C9 Gelato is your ultimate destination for an unforgettable dessert experience.

Introducing C9 Gelato's

Introducing Pup Pops, the ultimate ice cream for dogs and gelato for pets, tailor-made for your furry friend’s happiness and well-being. Crafted with care and innovation, Pup Pops brings a refreshing twist to pet treats, offering a sensational experience that will make your four-legged companion’s tail wag with joy.

At the heart of Pup Pops is the secret ingredient that sets it apart—a special formula designed to captivate your pet’s taste buds and create an unforgettable sensory experience. This ice cream for pets, especially formulated as gelato safe for dogs, ensures every lick and nibble is a journey of delight. It’s more than just gelato for dogs; it’s a moment of shared happiness between you and your beloved fur companion, making it the go-to choice for those who cherish their pets’ health and happiness.

Genuine Italian Ice Cream & Gelato

Unique Gelato Flavours

It’s never about a dessert for us, it’s our first love and our biggest passion! We make gelato like no one else and make sure each one of our client’s taste buds feels satisfied with our latest desserts.

Not only do we want to provide high-quality products but also wish to be the best gelato and dessert shop in Australia. We make absolutely no compromises on quality or quantity. Therefore, our ice creams, gelatos, and desserts are worth buying.

What We Do

Our extensive range of Gelato combined with their superior desserts makes us different from others.  We believe in giving the best Gelato and Desserts to our customers, which is evident from our consistent customer service. You can enjoy the best dining experience right here at C9.

To make your experience more memorable, we provide you with authentic gelato and ice cream desserts. Our Italian gelato maker has 20 years of experience in the field. So, you can be assured that you will not get tastier gelato anywhere else.

The best part about our experienced chefs and gelato maker is that they have years of experience in the field. These chefs replicate the style of Italian gelato makers and provide a hundred percent satisfactory results. 

From combining ingredients to the end result, every dessert is created with absolute perfection. You won’t find any flavor out of place.