A croffle, a delightful fusion of croissant and waffle, reimagines breakfast with a playful twist. This innovative treat boasts the flaky, buttery layers of a croissant combined with the crispiness of a waffle’s grid pattern. 

With its golden-brown exterior and tender interior, the croffle offers a satisfying contrast of textures and a harmonious blend of flavors. 

Whether enjoyed sweet with toppings like berries and drizzled syrup, or savory with eggs and cheese, the croffle is a delightful culinary invention that promises a delightful experience with every bite.

Choice of topping
– Dark chocolate
– Milk chocolate
– Nutella
– Smarties & Icing sugar
– Hazelnut & Chocolate
– Cinnamon sugar



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Experimenting with food

Experimenting with food can always give us great results. A similar experiment was done by a pastry chef in 2013, which led to the invention of cronuts. The combination of croissants and donuts became an instant hit.

 Following the footpaths of the chef, another expert combined croissants with waffles. It gave birth to the all-new scrumptious croffles. Following these examples, our chefs at C9 also started experimenting with various recipes to create fresh and hot croffles.

After months of hard work

After months of hard work, C9 finally found the ideal recipe for mouthwatering croffles. Filled with taste and freshness, these locally produced goods will blow away your taste buds. 

From the quality of ingredients to hygiene, everything is taken into consideration while preparing these delicacies. We even make sure that the batches are small so that the taste and quality remain intact.

creating and innovating

Here at C9, our focus is not only on creating but innovating as well. We are constantly working to upgrade our menu according to the present needs of people, and our croffles are the perfect example of it. Nothing brings us more pleasure than seeing our customers enjoying our scrumptious croffles at every hour of the day. 

You can stop by our shop and experience the rich taste yourself. We provide coating options, including milk or dark Belgian chocolate, and several toppings to go with them. From hazelnuts to sprinkles and cinnamon, you can choose anything with your hot and crispy croffles.